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High Protein Cherry Bakewell Smoothie

High Protein Cherry Bakewell Smoothie

Who said our protein balls were just for snacking? 
We've turned our Cherry Bakewell Protein Balls on their head and added them into this mouthwatering breakfast smoothie that tastes as good as it looks! 
Our smoothies aren't just your average smoothie though, oh no. They're thick, creamy and packed with enough protein and flavour to make your taste buds dance. 
Made using our best-selling Cherry Bakewell Protein Balls, this Bakewell inspired smoothie uses frozen cherries, fresh raspberries, sweet almond butter and a sprinkling of granola for good measure. 
High Protein Cherry Bakewell Smoothie
3 x Cherry Bakewell Protein Balls from The Protein Ball Co 
A handful of frozen cherries 
A handful of fresh raspberries 
2tbsp Almond butter 
2tbsp Vanilla yogurt 
80ml Almond milk 
1tsp Almond extract 
A sprinkling of granola to top
  1. Simply add all of your ingredients into a blender, apart from the granola, and whizz together until you reach your desired smoothie consistency. 
  2. Pour into your glass of choice and sprinkle with granola before enjoying in the sun! 
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