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Coffee Protein Ball Recipe

Coffee Protein Ball Recipe

Since the clocks have gone back and now that autumn is slowly turning into winter, we’re struggling to get out of bed on a cold, dark morning. So we decided we needed something for breakfast that would give us some energy and a bit of a morning boost.

Our founder Hayley has created this recipe for some tasty coffee protein balls, with a touch of cacao. They are great if you don’t have time to wait for your Nescafe coffee machine to warm up, or to queue for a tall, double espresso cappuccino from Starbucks. Our coffee protein balls will give you that caffeine hit, as well as introducing protein into your morning to keep you fuller for longer, and provide you with those all important carbs.


  • 3 large medjool dates
  • 1 tsp cashews chopped
  • 1 tbsp hazelnut butter
  • 1 level tbsp protein powder
  • 1 tbsp coffee
  • 1 tsp maple syrup
  • Roll in cacao powder


1. Pit and break up the medjool dates and add them to a bowl

2. Add the chopped cashews, hazelnut butter, protein powder of your choice, coffee and maple syrup

3. Squash all of the ingredients in the bowl with your hands until they are all mixed together and soft to touch

4. Break off small pieces of the mixture and roll into 10 balls

5. Decorate by rolling them in some cacao powder and enjoy!

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