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Four Must Try High Protein Snacks

Four Must Try High Protein Snacks

Ready to roll with the good times in 2023? 

January often signifies fresh starts and new goals. Whether you’re planning on making positive diet changes, taking up a sport you’ve always wanted to or simply making an effort to move your body every day. 

As many of us take up new sporting activities, it’s important that we keep our bodies fuelled with the right nutrients to sustain our energy and prevent injury and a great place to start is to ensure we’re getting in enough protein. 

With an overwhelming amount of protein snacks on the market these days it can get confusing when it comes to deciding which of these are actually good for you. When you take a better look at some of these big name protein bars, many of them are just glorified chocolate bars, filled with processed ingredients.  But not us - we’re here to roll into your life and simplify protein once and for all, with the added bonus of being made from 100% natural ingredients. 

Here are 4 must try healthy high protein snacks to help you reach your PB’s this year…

4 Must Try High Protein Snacks

Sweet, salty and sensationally tasty! Our Peanut Butter Protein Balls are smooth in texture, bold in flavours and complete with a nutty crunch. The perfect balance of sweetness, thanks to the juicy dates and saltiness, thanks to the peanuts, mingle together with whey protein to create a tasty high protein snack you just won’t be able to get enough of! 

We’ve taken crunchy roasted peanuts and creamy peanut butter to develop a truly irresistible protein snack that will see you through your New Year’s goals and beyond! 

Cherrific in flavour and high in protein our Cherry Bakewell Protein Balls are bake-well delicious! Rich, fruity and wholesome, these brilliant balls pack an impressive 10g of protein per bag. For our delightful twist on the well loved baking classic, we’ve taken sour cherries, handfuls of delicious dates, smooth roasted almond butter and egg white protein to create the perfect pre or post gym snack. 

Our Cacao & Orange Protein Balls taste just like your favourite truffles; but instead of being loaded with processed ingredients, ours are made with 100% natural, wholesome goodness. These delicious triple chocolate sensations pack an impressive 10g of protein and are packed full of fibre and added vitamins to see you through the  winter in style.  

Belonging to our High Protein Family, these tasty balls are the perfect pre or post workout snack, helping to repair the body's muscles and improve recovery time! 

Made using rich, nutty roasted cashew butter to give a soft centre to every ball, these balls start off as a delicious date and nut butter base before mixing in chunks of macadamia nuts, creamy whey protein and toasted coconut to round them all off. They’re the little pocket rocket snack to supercharge your new found fitness hobby! 

We’re big believers that Protein shouldn’t be complicated - instead it should be simple, delicious and nutritious. With 10 different flavours to pick from there’s a flavour for everyone in our range, whether you’re a protein novice or an avid gym goer! 

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