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Why is fibre good for the gut? From the Protein Ball Co.

Fibre isn’t a fad - Why It Is Good For Gut Health

When it comes to improving our diets, many of us get too caught up in counting calories and throwing to the wayside sugars, fats, carbs and fibre. Today we’re going to be focussing on just one of those all important, but all too often forgotten about nutrients, fibre. 

The benefits of fibre and both general gut and overall health have long been known, but studies show that all too many of us don’t get enough of it into our diets.

It’s important to highlight that this isn’t about eating a high-fibre diet, but instead focussing on eating more fibre. It does more than contribute to weight loss, it can also significantly impact your gut functionality. 

What We Know

Over the years, studies have shown that diets contain a plentiful amount of fibre and are linked with improved overall health and wellbeing. 

More recently, we’ve come to understand that the importance of fibre is closely tied with the importance of our gut microbes. Fibre helps the good bacteria found in our guts thrive, increasing their number and kind. 

Fibre helps to regulate bowel movements; additionally, high-fibre foods tend to be low in calories, sugar and fat; making them generally better for your health. These foods also make us feel fuller and we’re therefore less included to overeat. 

Although it can be pretty hard to exceed the recommended daily allowance; if it is exceeded, people may experience bowel discomfort - so although it’s good for you, it’s important not to over do it!

What foods can you find fibre in? 

Fruits & Veggies 

Fibre is naturally found in fruit and veggies - which is great as these can be added to pretty much any meal! 

Avoid Processed Foods 

Refined foods that aren’t made using wholesome ingredients are often lower in fibre. Although these types of foods are okay in moderation, they don’t tend to be the most nutritious. 

Beans & Lentils 

It’s easy to remember to eat our fruits and veggies on a daily basis, but beans and lentils are often forgotten about, but they’re and excellent source of fibre.

Start your day with a high-fibre breakfast 

The traditional English breakfast foods, such as eggs and bacon tend to lack fibre. Starting your day off with a fibre-packed breakfast, like porridge or a whole grain cereal will keep you feeling fuller for longer. 

All 10 flavours of our Protein Balls are high in fibre, why not try our Breakfast To Go Range? The perfect high protein, high fibre breakfast to start your day with! 

Fabulous Fibre 

Eating a strong variety of minimally processed fruits and vegetables along with other wholesome plant-based foods are a great way to stay healthy and fibre is an important part of this! 

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