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Meet the Maker!

Meet the Maker!

From creating deliciously moreish flavours like Cherry Bakewell, to partnering with world class athletes, it's never a dull moment! 

Let's hear all about it from Matt... 

First things first, who are The Protein Ball Co?

My wife and I started The Protein Ball Co. in the back end of 2015 with the simple idea to make all-round healthy protein snacking easier.

There were a lot of hard, chewy, tasteless protein bars on the market at that time (and still is!) and we wanted to offer something new and unique. We decided on six easy to eat bite-sized protein balls packed with vitamins, fruits and nuts that taste absolutely delicious.

Using a handful of ingredients and offering different protein sources from whey, vegan blends and egg-white protein we were rock & rolling across 14 countries. 

What are your protein balls like?

Our protein balls are tasty, little healthy balls of deliciousness! We created three different protein ball ranges so that whatever your lifestyle, there's a delicious selection for you.

We offer a High Protein range in four amazing flavours like Peanut Butter and Cacao & Orange, made with creamy whey protein from grass-fed cows.

The second range is our plant-based range using simple, healthy natural ingredients including brown rice & pea protein all rolled together into bite-sized balls of deliciousness. This range comes in exceptional flavours such as Lemon & Pistachio.

Our third range is our Breakfast To-Go range where we roll with gluten free oats and muffin inspired flavours like Coffee Oat Muffin (my fav and the perfect way to start your day!)

You’ve partnered with Dame Kelly Holmes as an ambassador. Why are your protein balls the perfect treat for athletes?

Kelly Holmes is an advocate of mental and general health, so there was a real synergy between our two brands. We sponsor a lot of 10kms and Parkruns as we want to make a difference for athletes and also for every day runners making it easier and helping them to make the right choice and snack healthily. Our simple aim has always been to make all-round healthy protein snacking easier.

What about your average Joe…why are your protein balls ideal for an everyday snack?

For average Joe, we can still make a difference as we offer different proteins choices to fit different lifestyle choices. By eating smart you can make a difference and together we can help more people to snack healthily - one ball at a time. 

What are your plans for the future?

We have rolled around 30 million balls since we started and this year we are all about marketing and expanding our amazing team. It has been a challenging 18 months but we are ready to go as soon as the world opens again and we will be be rolling in a new, even healthier direction as we have added vitamins B12, C, D3 and high fibre to our little round protein balls. Also, we have some new product development going on and something special to launch later this year. 

We like to say life's better all-round and that's just how we roll...

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