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3 reasons why thousands of on-the-go'ers are switching to The Protein Ball?

3 reasons why thousands of on-the-go'ers are switching to The Protein Ball?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years, you’ll have clocked that the snack market has positively exploded. Whether you fancy something sweet and chewy or salty and crunchy, the options are endless. Sadly, an alarmingly large proportion of these options are full of nasties such as refined sugar, saturated fat or artificial sugars, flavours or colourings - all of which are detrimental to our health and wellbeing (when consumed regularly). That’s why back in 2015, we came up with the simple idea to make all-round healthy protein snacking easier. 

Fast forward to now, many thousands of people are regularly picking up packs of our protein balls and view them as essential snacks. They are tasty, little healthy balls of deliciousness! 

If you’re wondering why they are so epic, read on to find out the 3 top reasons why thousands of ‘on-the-go’ers are switching to The Protein Ball Co...


Each pack is a nutritional powerhouse

Something we are super proud of is the fact that each pack is full to the brim with amazing, health enhancing nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Examples include vitamin D3, vitamin B12 and vitamin C all of which support the immune system and help to achieve optimum health. They are also high in fibre which is important for a multitude of reasons such as improving gut health, lowering cholesterol levels, preventing blood sugar spikes and more!

What’s more, we noticed that many of the high protein snack options on the market are ultra processed, tasteless and full of artificial ingredients. We wanted to produce something that was functional but tasted fantastic. Our protein balls have proven that you can enjoy snacks made from 100% natural wholefoods that still taste amazing. 


The perfect snack, whatever the lifestyle 

If you have a particularly active lifestyle, your body requires more protein than the average Joe to recover sufficiently and our protein balls are a handy way to boost your protein intake. Not only are they great post workout as the protein content will help to build and repair muscles,  they are also a fantastic pre workout snack as they include slow release carbohydrates to ensure you have the energy to smash your workout.

However, there is a perception that you only need protein if you are a keen gym goer, and this is simply not the case. Our protein balls are the perfect snack, whatever your lifestyle! Protein is an essential macronutrient and there is a myriad of reasons why eating a high protein diet is beneficial, regardless of how active you are.  Whether you are vegan, a budding athlete or just looking for a healthy on-the-go snack, the Protein Ball Co ticks all the boxes. And with 10 delicious flavours, there really something for everyone.


Super Convenient 

Something everyone seems to be short of is time, especially first thing in the morning! 

If you’re a busy mum who struggles to fit everything in before the school run, or perhaps you have a tendency to press snooze until the very last minute, then our on-the-go breakfast range is a fabulous solution. They are packed full of the nutrition you need to smash your day, with zero prep time. They are also great for those who can’t stomach a big breakfast, especially as each pack contains 6 balls, so if you don’t fancy eating them all at once, you can always eat a couple then come back for more later. 

Isn’t it the worst when hanger strikes and there are no healthy food options available? Protein balls are the perfect, transportable snack to keep in your bag or pocket for those days when you’re out and about and need something healthy to tide you over. 

Plus, if you’re looking to increase your protein intake but don’t fancy chowing down on a load of plain chicken breast our protein balls are a super convenient way to increase protein consumption.


Essentially, our protein balls are functional, packed full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and a fantastic snack to keep you energised and satisfied throughout the day. The fact that they taste absolutely incredible is just an added bonus, really! Get the ball rolling by trying some of our delicious flavours today!

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