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Post Workout Protein Snacks

Why Do You Need Protein After Exercise?

Nutrition plays an important role when it comes to exercise; after all, what you do and don’t eat can hugely affect your body's ability to effectively work out and partake in regular exercise. That being said, what we eat after we workout is particularly important, especially if we want to recover effectively and build strength. 

Post Workout Meals


Post-workout protein is something most gym-goers and regular exercise partakers have down to a T and a term most of us are familiar with. Consuming protein post-workout is particularly important for muscle repair and regrowth and key to helping us become stronger. 

When we exercise, there’s a short window thereafter, known as the anabolic window; which refers to a short period of time post-exercise, whereby protein needs to be consumed in order for muscles to properly recover, grow and become stronger. The anabolic window is when the muscles are most sensitive to protein, meaning they are more likely to absorb and use protein efficiently after exercise, than if consumed later in the day. 

Let’s deep dive into the world of post-workout nutrition and why it’s so important to get right. 

How does protein repair muscles? 

Protein is made up of what’s known as amino acids, which are essential building blocks for the body, you can read more on that here. When you consume protein after a workout, you are providing your body with the nutrition needed to repair and rebuild its muscles. 

When we exercise, we break down and tear the cells in the muscles (this is why we can ache after a good workout), taking in enough protein, post-workout, can help reverse this damage, build muscle and get you ready and raring to go for your next workout. 

How much protein do you need? 

Unfortunately, there is no black and white answer to this one and everyone’s bodies are completely different.

However, it is recommended that the daily amount of protein you need is around 0.8g per kg. So for example a 55kg adult would need 44g of protein. The more active you are, the more protein you will need to help sustain your lifestyle. It’s important to note, that you don’t need to consume all of your protein post workouts. It is advised to spread your protein consumption out, throughout the course of the day. 

When to eat post-workout protein… 

Your small anabolic post-workout window, means that your post-workout protein should ideally be consumed as soon as possible after exercising, it’s advised that this is done within 45 minutes. 

Thereafter, it is then suggested you continue to eat small, well-balanced meals of carbs and proteins every 4 or so hours.

What protein-rich foods should be eaten after working out? 

It goes without saying that whole food is the base of a healthy diet, but a homecooked hearty meal isn’t always convenient. But that’s no good reason to miss out on your protein hit. Our High Protein range is ideal for getting in that post-workout protein hit. High in protein, fibre, nut butter, and dates, these healthy snacks are perfect for fuelling your active lifestyle. 

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