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6 Tips for sustaining your New Year’s health kick beyond January

6 Tips for sustaining your New Year’s health kick beyond January

As many of us see the start of a New Year as the time to get our health and well-being in check and set ourselves some goals, how many of us feel deflated and demotivated by the second week of January? 

It’s all well and good beginning the year with positive intentions and goals to work towards, but how do we keep the momentum going throughout January and beyond? Here are some of our top tips and tricks to help spur you on and sustain your New Year’s health kick through more than just the first two weeks of the year. 

6 Tips for sustaining your New Year’s health kick beyond January

Set Realistic Goals 

Set yourself realistic goals…the word realistic is a pretty important one here. Goals are a great way to keep us in check, but setting unrealistic and unattainable goals is a surefire way to see yourself falling out of your new healthy habits early on in the year.

Leading us to feel demotivated and deflated, let’s leave those unrealistic goals in 2022. Instead, set yourself goals you know you can achieve, making you feel both excited and motivated and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the best version of yourself in 2023. 

Train with a friend 

Maybe you’re shaking things up this year and your goal is to take up a new sport. Whether you’re looking to run your first 10K, smash a new PB or simply just aiming to move your body more, where you can, why not train with a friend? 

Helping to keep each other company, training with someone you trust and feel comfortable with can be an excellent way to keep you focussed on your end goal, especially on the days that training just doesn’t seem appealing! 

Avoid FAD diets 

In 2023 we’re rolling out FAD diets, see ya later! 

Every January, we see an influx of these diets taking social media by storm and we’re here to remind you not to buy into these unhealthy ways of living.

Remember that improving your health and well-being is a gradual process and unfortunately isn’t something that will happen overnight. FAD diets may give you quick fixes, but we can guarantee they won’t last! Instead, invest in wholesome, nutritious foods that fuel your body and goals.

Have something to work towards 

So you’ve set your big goal; whatever that may look like, now set some mini goals in between to keep you motivated along the way. Why not book into a local 10K running race? Or aim to get outside for 10 minutes every day. 

Our goals will all look wildly different, but these mini-goals will help us on our way to reaching the big ones. Each time you hit a mini milestone, notice how you feel; the burst of motivation and fulfilment will help keep the momentum going! 

Be flexible 

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned, from unpredictable weather to injury or coughs and colds, life just sometimes gets in the way. However, it’s important to not let this throw you off track. Be flexible with your goals and the steps you take to get there. 

A spanner will inevitably get thrown in the works at some point along the way, but instead of letting this get you down, allow it to happen and pick yourself back up the next day. 

Enjoy your favourite treats in moderation 

Finally, as many of us seek to clean up our diets after the post-Christmas indulgence, let’s not forget that this doesn’t mean cutting out our favoruite treats entirely! 

We’re big believers that everything should be enjoyed in moderation and the key to reaching our fitness goals is to ensure we aren’t depriving our bodies of the things it needs. Prioritise hitting your three big macro goals (fats, protein and carbs) then work your favoruite treats into this. 

The New Year can be overwhelming for many of us - with the pressure of transforming our lives overnight simply not possible for the majority, remember to go at your own pace this year! Our goals will all look different, but we can all help one another along the way! 

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