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What's Your PB?

What's Your PB?

This August we’re all about celebrating YOU and your little wins. Whether that’s getting in your 10k steps a day, running a marathon or overcoming something you never thought you would. Whatever your PB is, it’s worth shouting from the rooftops about! 

We want to know what your PB (personal best) is, no matter how big or small, we want to celebrate it. And as a thank you for sharing your little wins with us? 6 months worth of Protein Balls! If you want to get your hands on this delicious prize, head on over to our pinned Instagram post to find out more! 

Celebrating YOUR wins… 

“My PB is all about finding my love for running again, getting that fresh air & sunshine, enjoying new scenery, finding new routes, exploring nature & my surroundings & working back up to a 10K distance with the hope of running a race very soon!” - @gfree_emily 

“I did it! My first open water swim event & one where I could practice my transitions! A 750m swim then a 5k run to the finish; great practice for the triathlon! I’ll take that as a PB!” - @lipstick.and.trainers 

“I’ve achieved 2 massive PB’s this year in my half marathon and my first ultramarathon. But most importantly? My PB is getting up everyday and trying to be a better version of myself. Whether that is in my running, strength work, mentality, social listening or just taking time to relax” - @mollsfitness99

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