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Us VS Them

Us VS Them

As the Keto diet continues to gain momentum, as a new keto dieter, it can seem daunting to get your head around. What meals can you eat? What snacks are allowed? What’s a NET carb? So, when it comes to snacking, how do you know what snacks are actually good for you? With so few keto snacks currently on the market, it can be easy to believe that they’re all full of good stuff…after all without research, you have no reason not to trust these brands!
Whilst many keto snacks appear to look healthy, when you take a deeper look into the ingredients used, you’ll find many of the snacks that have been branded as healthy are actually packed full of processed ingredients and sweeteners.
But not us…so what sets us apart from the crowd? 
Keto Ball USPs
Natural Ingredients 
When producing our new range, it was important that we use only the finest natural ingredients, meaning there’s no sweeteners, processed nasties or refined sugar in any of our balls. Whereas most keto snacks on the market are currently made sweet with sweeteners, we get our sweetness from juicy dates and creamy nut butters, cutting out all the nasties. 
Although most keto diets are largely made up of fatty meats, if you’re already following a plant-based diet, you can still jump on the keto hype. Our delicious snacks are also plant-based, making them accessible to everyone…because we don’t think anyone should miss out on tasting these balls. 
High in Fibre 
A high fat diet can often slow digestion and decrease GI mobility, so it’s important that those on a keto diet get enough fibre to ensure your gut is kept healthy and happy! Our balls contain 6g of fibre per bag, making them a great place to start when it comes to getting your fibre in. 
Low Carb 
And of course, the most important aspect of a keto diet, our balls are low-carb making them the perfect snack to ensure your body is kept in ketosis. With only 1g of NET carbs per ball, you’ll be wondering why you ever bothered with the other keto snacks on the market! 
Are you ready to roll into keto in style? Click here and upgrade your snacking routine!
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