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A Beginners Guide To Vegan Protein

A Beginners Guide To Vegan Protein

As Veganuary draws to a close, if you’re looking to sustain your new found plant-based eating habits, here’s everything you need to know about our vegan protein range and how it can help you on your way to smashing your 2023 goals. 

A Beginners Guide To Vegan Protein

With vegan diets becoming more and more popular, it's no surprise that the vegan protein supplement market has boomed in recent years; even more so since the population has become more aware of their long-term health in a post COVID world. Our delectable plant based range uses pea and brown rice protein to help you pack in the protein the vegan way. 

When combined, pea and rice protein create a complete protein source, containing all 9 amino acids, that our bodies can’t produce. Alongside this they’re also easy to digest meaning they get to work just as efficiently as other protein sources such as whey. 

Benefits of Pea Protein 

Pea protein powder is made from the extraction of powder from yellow peas. Naturally vegan and high in iron, it’s known for its many health benefits, including increasing muscle mass and keeping you feeling fuller for longer. 

Not only is pea powder vegan, but it is also naturally gluten free, dairy free and has a much lower allergy risk than some other proteins. 

Rich in fibre, pea protein also helps keep things moving within the digestive system, which means you can wave goodbye to unhappy tummies.

Benefits of Brown Rice Protein 

One of the biggest benefits of brown rice protein is that it’s hypoallergenic, meaning that it doesn’t contain a lot of the allergies found in whey and soy protein. Much like pea protein, brown rice protein is also easy to digest and quick to get to work, making it ideal for consuming post-workout, helping to aid muscle recovery. 

When it comes to protein supplements, pea and rice protein are fairly on par with one another - each has their pros and cons and both are great options. However when you combine them together to get a complete protein source, they help fill in each other’s gaps to outweigh any of the bad with good!

Pea and brown rice protein can be found in both our Vegan and Breakfast To Go Range - let’s take a deep dive into the ranges and the vegan flavours we produce!

Peanut Butter

Our best-selling whey protein Peanut Butter Balls proved to be so popular, we just had to bring our a plant-based version for our vegan pals, after all, no one should miss out on this nutty goodness! Just as rich and nutty as ever, our Vegan PB balls are packed with 45% crunchy roasted peanut butter, salty peanut pieces and all the natural goodness of pea and brown rice protein. Each ball has then been finished off with a crunchy peanut coating too; a flavour sure to make you go nuts! 

Raspberry Brownie

These fruity red balls are deliciously sweet, but with a slightly tart undertone. Each has been lovingly made with rich cashew butter, deliciously dark chocolate pieces, smooth cocoa butter and crunchy cacao nibs to create that perfect chocolate brownie cake texture!

Lemon & Pistachio

These balls are sure to put a zing in your step! Crammed with crunchy pistachios and zingy Spanish lemons, we’ve packed these balls with sweet, juicy dates, thick roasted cashew butter, sweet coconut and a drizzle of lemon oil for good measure. We’ve then given each ball a smattering of bright green pistachio nibs to make them pop!

Goji & Coconut

It’s time to get up and goji with these berry tasty balls! We’ve blended smooth, rich cashew butter, with wholesome raw dates and handfuls of goji berries for a fresh, fruity twang. We’ve then added desiccated coconut and chia seeds before rolling each ball in rich cocoa powder to add a subtle sweetness.

Blueberry Oat Muffin

These fruity balls are a delicious way to supercharge your mornings! We’ve taken gluten free oats, heaps of cashews, almonds and blueberries to create this breakfast ball of goodness! High in fibre, they’ll keep you going all through the morning! 

Coffee Oat Muffin 

Made with a hint of fresh coffee, these balls are sure to get your morning rolling! We’ve taken rich, roasted hazelnut butter, real ground coffee and added a rich cacao powder for a little sweetness. Each ball has then been finished off with gluten free oats and cacao powder to add a little extra sweetness to your morning!

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