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6 Tips To Snack Smarter

6 Tips to Snack Smarter

As we welcome in Healthy Eating Week, we wanted to share with you some of our top tips to help you snack smarter. 

It goes without saying, pretty much all of us love a good snack. Whether it’s mid-morning to see you through your meetings, or to pull you out of that 3pm slump. We’re a nation of snackers, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But with many snacks that claim to to be healthy, actually being packed full of ingredients which are anything but, how do you know whether your snacking habits are healthy or not? 

Here’s a handful of our tips for snacking smarter… 

How To Snack Smarter

Focus on nutrients as opposed to calories 

More often than not, people are fixated on calories, thinking that low calories = healthy. Unfortunately, that isn't the case. Of course calories play a role when it comes to healthy snacking options, but instead of hyper fixating on this one thing, start to focus on the other nutrients found inside the snack, like the protein content and the vitamins and minerals. 

Go for whole foods 

We all know that a home cooked dinner is going to be better for your health over a takeaway meal from your favorite fast food chain and the same goes for snacking. 

When it comes to reaching for your morning pick me up, avoid processed snacks as much as you can, these often lack any nutritional value and will leave you feeling unsatisfied and likely to reach for more unhealthy treats. 

Opt for snacks that are made with natural, whole ingredients or better yet, take the time to prepare your own snacks from scratch at home. 

Pay attention to portion size 

Another common downfall when it comes to unhealthy snacking habits is portion control. A snack should be something you have in between meals, it shouldn’t be replacing a meal or becoming so big that it becomes an additional meal itself. Being aware of suggested serving sizes and getting familiar with how much food your body needs is a good place to start with this.

Pack for snacks on the go 

When you’re out and about, it can be all too easy to grab a sugar loaded snack, like a chocolate bar to keep you going - mainly because they are a quick, easy and convenient burst of energy. 

Having a couple of snacks in your bag that tick the boxes above, like being whole and rich in nutrients will stop you from reaching for those sugar loaded treats. Having a wholesome alternative packed in your bag will also ensure that you’re reaching for something which is going to curb that hunger for much longer with slow release energy. 

Honor your hunger cues 

When is the right time to snack? Unfortunately, there’s no one size fits all for this common question.

All too often people will find themselves reaching for a snack because it’s snack time and that’s just part of their routine. Try to break this mindset and adopt a more fluid approach to snacking - reaching for a pick me up when you’re actually feeling a little hungry. 

Prioritize protein

We couldn’t do a whole post without a humble nod to our very own healthy snacks! 

Ball puns aside, protein is an important part of all our diets, particularly when it comes to snacking. Protein is known for keeping us feeling fuller for longer and providing us with that slow release energy to help sustain our productivity levels throughout the day. 

Opting for protein dense snacks in between meals will curb those hunger cravings, not only this, but you will also be less likely to overeat at your next meal as you’ll be feeling more satisfied.

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