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3 Tips to Optimise Your Home Workouts

3 Tips to Optimise Your Home Workouts

In a whirlwind of changing events over the past few weeks, most of us have now found ourselves at home, with some having to get by with makeshift offices and stopgap home gyms. 

As you might be aware by now, we are very much into our health and fitness at The Protein Ball Co. and just like everyone else, we’ve had to acclimatise to the changing situations around us. But does that really mean our workout regime has to suffer just because we’re now confined to our homes? 

We’ve come up with three quick tips to truly optimise your workouts at home, which will hopefully add a boost to your routine, whatever that may be.

  1. Join that Facebook live workout you’ve been avoiding

Working out at home is great! You have the opportunity to take things at your own pace, and if you’re following a video, you have the pause, play & volume buttons at your disposal. But this does leave a question mark over whether you’re receiving the same extra energy and motivation from the class instructor as you would do in person. 

We’ve found that the closest thing to an in person class is a social media live video, which allows you to view the instructor, hear the music and get stuck in. There’s nothing like following a routine in real time - it will keep you on your toes (almost literally), and the timings between exercises will be more accurate, based on the instructor and their training methods. 3d leisure at home has a great timetable which incorporates different types of workouts into the week, with classes available from the morning through to the early evening, and it’s completely free!


  1. Know your surroundings...even if it is your home

Anyone who’s tried a fitness routine at home will know that your lounge/bedroom/kitchen is probably not the optimal space for exercise. Instead of trying to move things around frantically five minutes before a workout, we recommend viewing the movements of the exercise well in advance, and adapting the moves to the space that you’re in. Want to do a set of five lunges but your living room will only allow three? Increase the amount of sets you do. Need to do jumping jacks, but have low ceilings? Try stretching your arms forward rather than up. This will push your mind to focus on the task at hand, rather than the space that’s around you.



  1. Choose us as your gym buddy!

OK, we can’t physically be there in person to spur you on in the heat of it, but we do believe our protein balls are the best, and that’s only because they really are! 

Perfect as a pre-workout bite, or a post-exercise nibble, our protein balls make the perfect accompaniment for any activity. Ranging from 5g to 10g of protein per pack, they include all the necessary ingredients that help with recovery, tissue repair and muscle growth. They also taste pretty amazing. Check them out here

So...How do you roll (at home)? We’d love to see your best home workout tips on social media! Tag us @theproteinballco using the hashtag #ThisIsHowIRoll and show us how you optimise your own workouts!

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